Do a Jig

I thought that I was dancing right for my insurance.  Followed every step perfectly.  I was wrong; more trouble today.  Nothing is enough!  I swear that the moment they say they need one bit of information and things will be processed, all the representatives sit in a corner cubicle and laugh, “Hey Rick.  Listen to this!  I told her all the info she just sent was perfect, we’ll process her order and call her to let her know when it’s shipping.  Isn’t that hilarious?  Now that she’s all relaxed and thinking the order is good to go, I want you to call her and tell her we need it sent again to four different fax numbers within the next twenty minutes.  Plus she’ll need to prepare triplicate forms of the original prescription notarized and mailed by express mail along with a sample of spinal fluid and her mothers fingernails.  Oh!  And make sure she knows that if we don’t have it by Friday, she won’t get the meds before 2012.  She’ll shit a brick!  It’ll be awesome!”  (High fives all around)

Where is the manual of customer service with these folks?  Isn’t there some sort of company guideline on how things are processed and what is needed?  Like a master list?  I could bitch about this forever.  I’m sure as soon as the initial order is ironed out, it won’t be nearly as tricky to reorder.

On the bright side, I don’t feel as much pressure to get all these prescriptions filled as I did last week, thanks to my new pain medication.  Bless it.  I feel like the general ever present pain is much more controlled.  Sleep is delightful.  I’ve been getting about two and a half to three hours at a time, then I’m able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly.  That probably helps the pain as well.

Lately I’ve been craving popsicles.  My kiddos love them so I always have them in the house.  I have tried to eat them in the past, and they just flare me up too bad.  I tried finding some without artificial colors or flavors or acidic fruit juices.  At first I didn’t have any luck anywhere, so I abandoned the thought.  Since the craving is so strong, I decided to ask internet about it.  Quickly I was lead to a recipe for watermelon puree popsicles.  I’m going to give it a go tomorrow.  They sound very yummy!  I’ll have to tweak it a bit to contain no lemon or lime juices, but other than that I think it’ll work well.

I told the kiddos about the recipe, and they thought it sounded okay, but they wanted the regular old popsicles.  I had a few things to get at the grocery, so I bought some for them.  While I was in the freezer section, I decided to check and see if maybe there were some that would work for me.  Guess what!  Next to the ones I purchased for the lovely daughters, I found whole fruit coconut popsicles!  I’m so happy!  As soon as I returned home I ate one.  They are delicious, and don’t infuriate my bladder!  Yay for coconut!  Yay for popsicles!  These are my new favorite.

While I was at the store I bought some new rawhides for big doggie.  He loves them.  Here he is enjoying them.  Bliss!

happy boyhappy boy 2


~ by blanketgirl on March 23, 2009.

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