My Clothes

I’ve been trying to decide what to do about my wardrobe.  When I first started on the journey with this illness, the combination of the medications and the elimination diet reduced my weight to about 114 lbs.  My 5’5″ frame looked quite sinewy at best.  My wardrobe had to be shifted accordingly to allow for clothes that would look good on this new version of my body. Since the weight loss was approximately 30 lbs., there were a lot of clothes to be given away.  I kept a few key items that I love, that I thought I may wear again.  A few items I altered to fit the new me.  Everything else went to charity.

After being placed on the nerve pain meds, I gained about 60 lbs.  Now I wish I had all those clothes back!  I’ve done the same as before; altered some to fit my new version of me, and set aside a few key items I think I may wear again.  I’ve been off the nerve meds for almost a month and have lost 11 lbs.  I’m happy about it, just not sure of how to dress.  The new clothes I bought for the voluptuous me are getting to be too big.  I’ve reduced myself to one pair of  “Going Out” jeans, and two tops I like.  I have a skirt I wear to meetings, and that really is about it.  I don’t want to buy new things because I’m not sure if they’ll fit me tomorrow.  On the other hand I rather dislike the way I look.  Such a conundrum.

Is it really that bad to wear a terry cloth track suit everyday?  Bah.

Okay fun things: I had a drawing episode.  Awesome!  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve felt like  creating.  I’ve been working on sketches of people in pen.  I like the unforgiving strokes.  Makes me really have to think through what I’m sketching.  I like that.  This is the one I liked the best:



~ by blanketgirl on March 22, 2009.

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