I saw the doctor again today.  I think he heard me this time and maybe, just maybe, he is starting to get that I’m not making this up.  I left his office with a new prescription for a stronger pain medication than I was taking before.  I swallowed one about an hour ago, and heaven help me, I think I feel better.  This is great!

I made my daughter’s birthday cake for her party tomorrow and am letting it bake.  I can’t believe I managed it.  I’ve been so spent the last few days, and now I’m back to whatever normal I know.  My whole life and perspective change once I’m not in agony.  I don’t want to curl up in a corner and die.  Whoo hoo!

I think I’ll sleep tonight.  I can’t wait.

I tried to take some pictures of little doggie in her new collar and tag, but she wouldn’t hold still!  Forgive the blurriness of the first photo, I think she looks cute anyway.

The others came out much better as far as focus, however the first one still wins for posing.  She’s such a cute Goo Goo McGoogoo Pants.  🙂

little doggie in pink

little doggie in bedlittle doggie profile


~ by blanketgirl on March 20, 2009.

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  1. God, those ears!

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