Sick of Being

My poor family!  Today both daughters were diagnosed with strep throat.  Poor things!  I was looking at us and thinking how sad it is.  Me with my chronic pain, husband with his back issues, and the children with strep.  Kinda keeps people from stopping by unannounced!

I was so proud of youngest daughter.  At the doctor she decided that the medicine was too disgusting to take, so she opted for the shot in the thigh.  Crazy!  When I was eight I would thrash and cry and squirm until nurses held me down for the shot.  I hated them…and the shot!  And here I have this little girl deciding that’s the best route so she’ll be better for her birthday party on Saturday.  What a trooper!  So clever of her. Oldest daughter chose the pills.  That’s fine too, just not nearly as heroic.  🙂

I had a new windshield installed on my car today.  It feels like such a luxury!  I’ve had a huge crack in the old windshield since 2005, so this is awesome.  It’s gorgeous and shiny and I can see through it.   All excellent qualities for a windshield.

I came upon a Tori song I hadn’t heard before, which was surprising.  It’s “Miracle” on the b-side of American Doll Posse.  Another song from my favorite character, Clyde.  I’ve loved listening to it.  I have a thing with having to know the words to all the songs, so I can come up with decent titles for my posts.  😉

My current listening obsession is “Beauty of Speed”.  I can’t stop!


~ by blanketgirl on March 16, 2009.

One Response to “Sick of Being”

  1. Sorry to hear the kidlets are ill! Hope they shake it off soon.

    God damn Tori is good. I never tire of hearing/watching her play. So very excited for the next album, just two months. And Depeche Mode in a month to help me cope. Bliss!

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