Umbrellas Now

Whew.  Finally a half decent day!  I’m not feeling any better physically (sigh), however my luck may have turned a bit.  First I spoke to my sister in the morning.  I love her so much.  She is so understanding.  I can’t believe how similar we are.  It leaves very little of myself that has to be explained or apologized for.  It takes a weight off to share my feelings with her.  We had a wonderful chat and she said she would like to come and stay with me again.  I’m very pleased to hear this.  I really want her to come.  It’s so nice to have her here.  She is my best friend.

Second, I had my important meeting today, and it was a brilliant success.  We will have health insurance in a week.  I can’t believe it.  I think this will take so much pressure and worry off my shoulders.  Now if I have to go the emergency room I can without suffering serious financial consequences.  I will feel less guilty on top of feeling bad.  Lately what’s been happening is that I’m in terrible pain, plus I feel like I’m hemorrhaging my family’s money paying for doctors.  Not having health insurance has been a huge blow emotionally, and will be resolved.  There’s that happy ending!

Thirdly, my little doggy has officially learned the commands “Up” and “Down”.  It only took twenty minutes about three days ago, and now she’s consistently doing it without a treat being rewarded.  I couldn’t be more proud.

I saved the best for last.  My youngest daughter turned eight today.  Eight years ago, I gave birth to her just before midnight.  It was one of the happiest times in my life.  I labored for about thirteen hours, only dilating to about a 6, so they came and informed my husband and I that she would have to be born by c-section.  I really didn’t want this.  I begged them not to, to give me more time.  They stated that I would run the risk of rupturing my uterus if they didn’t get her out quickly.  So they sent the anesthesiologist in to perform the epidural for the procedure.  Within four minutes of receiving the epidural, I fell asleep.  I only napped for a moment, then I had the oddest sensation; I knew my baby was coming.  I called for the nurse.  “I’m having the baby now!  Get my doctor!”

The nurse rushed in and told me to relax, that it was not possible for me to be having the baby now, as I wasn’t dilated enough.  She then checked me and stated with great surprise that the baby was crowning.  The doctor came in just in time to catch her . 🙂  I pushed two times; he told me to stop.  “No more pushing!”  I saw him clean out her nose, then she started to cry.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

The nurses took my sweet baby and weighed her on the scale in the room.  She was very healthy and had nice strong lungs.  I had one more push for the after birth and it was done.  No stitches!  Within two hours I was up and walking.  I was able to take myself to the restroom without the nurses help.  Everything went very smoothly.

My pregnancy and subsequent birth experience with my second baby was amazingly easy and beautiful.  I love her so much.  Here are some pictures of she and I:

preggers first time

all smilesclose up


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  1. Oh my god, I love this post.

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