Laughing At The Smoke

Technically this is my second post for the day as I wrote the one for the 10th after midnight.  That’s okay though.  At least I’m not missing a day.

I’m just dumbfounded at the giddy happiness I feel at having health insurance again.  Things in my life are far from perfect, but just knowing I can go to the hospital if I need to is huge.  Not to mention being able to pay for my prescriptions.  I finally slept well last night.  Finally.  Life is just  that much harder when I’m driving on fumes and can’t concentrate due to exhaustion.  Get it?  Fumes and ‘exhaust’-tion?  I’m a horrible geek and laugh at all sorts of punny things.  You should laugh too.

I liked my title today because it conjures up an image for me of a huge fire that everyone panics about, then extinguishes, leaving only smoke and relief.  That’s a great representation of how I’m feeling.  There’s still some ashes smoldering, but I can warm up to those and then get them to go out with a bit of loose dirt.  I knew the tomorrows would be better.

Husband and I are still improving everyday.  I’m feeling a bit hopeful that we’ll have resolved most of our issues by the end of the month.

My pain is still very intense today, but I am able to relax which seems to help.  Breathe in, breathe out, right?  Thank goodness for the bladder treatments.

Still looking towards that better tomorrow.

windy day


~ by blanketgirl on March 11, 2009.

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