Brave Was Shot

Today my doggies got their vaccinations.  I was very impressed with Goo Goo Pants.  She stood on the table and sniffed inquisitively at the doctor.  During her exam she held still and pressed into me, but made no move to try and escape and was very relaxed.  She would look to me for reassurance, and there wasn’t any fear in her eyes.  I felt so trusted!  I still can’t get over how miraculously she has changed and grown in the four years she’s been with us.  Nine plus years in a hoarding puppy mill situation to make her terrified of people and only four years to make her part of a family.  Such a resilient sweetie!

Terror McTerrorpants was so scared.  He whined during his exam, and you should have seen the look on his poor little face when they used the rectal thermometer.  My heart broke for him!  He only tried to run from the shots once.  He had to try, right?  Overall he was very brave and he made it through.  He definitely earned his treats.  I’m sure he’s always happy when it’s over and he can go home.

The happy news is that both dogs are very healthy.  No ear issues or skin problems.  The worst of it was tartar on their teeth.  Husband brushes McPants’ teeth, but the brush gets too chewed up after a few times.  Doggie toothbrushes are expensive so the tartar builds up.  If I had more moolah it would be nice to treat them to a doggie dentist!

I bought a new hair brush for the doggies that I love.  One of those “Made for TV” products.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, but decided that the price made it worth trying.  They love it.  It has a guard on it that let’s me press a button to get the hair out; which makes me love it.  The dogs held still for the brushing, and big boy actually behaved as though it was a treat and would beg me for it when I would take a break to clean the bristles.  This is a welcome change from the other brushes, where he would run away.  A hit and run grooming so to speak.  Both dogs will be very shiny and soft now.

Today was the last day for my youngest daughter’s after school tutoring.  I’m very proud of her.  She has made it through six weeks.  Her grades have improved dramatically.  I always reinforce to her that the grades are a result of her choice to study and work hard to improve.  She certainly earned her A.  I can’t express well how proud I am.

Husband and I continue to improve.  I’ve had flares the last few days, and he has been very supportive like he used to be.  It’s good for my stress level to know he’s not irritated with my pain.

I hope to get through this flare quickly.  It makes me tired and cranky, plus I’m just so damn achy!  My bladder has been screaming.  Thank God for the marcaine.


~ by blanketgirl on March 5, 2009.

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