Flowers Competing

Today the girls and I purchased gardening gloves to prepare for the planting that we want to do tomorrow.  I was very excited to find 3 pairs of nice gloves for $1.27!  I love a good deal.  We have plans to plant wildflowers, zinnias and allysum.  I’m trying to decide what I should use to protect the seeds from the dogs and birds while they germinate.  I hate doing things half-assed, so it’s proving to be more complicated than I planned.  I need to just throw caution to the wind for a change and just do it.  Aw, forget it; it’s goes against everything in me.  I can’t just do it!  It must be perfect!  Another one of my silly hang ups.  Maybe I’ll use bird netting…

I’m looking into the housing relief bill that was defined today.  I’m sure that husband and I qualify for at least one portion of it, so applications and reviews will begin tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

I also have discovered that we qualify for other assistance programs that will make our finances easier.  Now that husband has a defined job I know where we stand and what we can do.  Another one of those handy endings.  I’m really feeling optimistic.

I had another sleepless night last night, but I’m grateful for late night TNT.  Crime dramas are great to watch at three a.m.  I always have wild dreams.

Speaking of strange dreams, this is weird, but I’ll write it anyway. 🙂

I had a dream that I had put in my acrylic mouth guard I use at night to protect my teeth from my night grinding.  It was in my mouth and in stages I was peeling it out of my mouth, lifting one layer at a time like an onion.  These tissue paper thin sections were the only part I could remove, so I just kept at it one at a time and setting them aside.  I’m sure I spent hours in that dream just trying to take the damn thing out.

I used to spit out and lose other mouth guards in the night, but this one clicks straight onto my teeth and locks so I can’t get rid of it while I’m sleeping.  Maybe my subconscious just really wanted it out.  I have the most bizarro dreams.  Maybe that’s something I’ll do; write a mini statement of the dreams I remember.  That might be fun.

Speaking of fun and random, while I was being interviewed, the reporter asked me about fond memories of little dog, and this is one that I drew:

GooGoo in BlankeyShe loves laying in blankeys and playing in blankeys.  She’s so stinking cute!

Speaking of dogs, I remembered that I had stated I would post a picture of my beloved doggie Ocean that we had to put to sleep last April, so here she is at five:


Here she is at seventeen and a half:


She was totally awesome.


~ by blanketgirl on March 4, 2009.

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