I Know A Cat

So recently I have talked in great length about my fabulous dogs.  I have two wonderfully soft kitties too.  I’ve mentioned them briefly, one is black and fluffy and the other is sleek and grey with white and peach spots.  Here they are:


My sister turned me onto a site that has several pictures of kitties caught napping.  Behold my catch’em off guard shots.  It’s always good to find them, turn on the lights and snap the picture.  They don’t mind, but people do.  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t do that unless I could run quickly afterwards.  Hah!  I had changed the cats litter to a pine litter that was supposed to act as a compost and be more eco friendly than the clay litter and my black kitty has started pooping in every dark corner of the house.  I could strangle him!  I always have to play CSI and get out the flash light and plastic gloves.  My sniffer is very sensitive, so the smell drives me nuts!  I asked husband to go and get the old litter.  I can’t stand the pooping!

I’ve been trying to distract myself from my problems, so if these posts seem a bit aloof, they’re that way for a reason.  Life is too heavy right now.  I need some relief damn it!

I filed my taxes today and am eager to receive my return.  It will buy us a bit more security and keep us in our house while husband continues to try and find better work.  Damn the economy sucks.

I received my new medications in the mail today for my bladder installations.  It’s amazing what a difference something so simple can make.  I can actually stand being in my skin for a few hours.  I have been off one of my medications for about two weeks now, and have lost ten pounds and gained some of my sanity.  I spoke to a nurse who is gathering candidates for a clinical trial for a new medication to treat IC that is in the same family of drugs I was just taken off of.  She asked me several questions about side effects and dosages, then stated that I am not a good candidate for the trial as she believes my side effects were a sign that I was most likely highly allergic to that family of medications.  Leave it to my docs to place me on the highest possible allowable dose of a medication that I’m allergic to.  Brilliant.  I’ll never understand doctors.  I understand their job must be difficult, but damn!  Really?  Allergic and the highest dose?  Oh well.  I’m not taking it anymore!

My new medications seem to not have the effectiveness as the ones I was allergic to, but I’m not experiencing the extreme weight gain (I gained a total of 36 pounds in three months!) and I’m sleeping a bit better at night.  Hopefully all these things combined will make for a happier (but sore and stiff jointed) me.

Quick update on my husband situation, things were much more mellow today.  I think some communication is happening.  We’re not rushing things, and are trying to get readjusted.  I wrote a letter to him telling him how I felt, and I think that’s how we should have been handling it in the first place.  I express myself much better through writing.


~ by blanketgirl on March 3, 2009.

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