Soldiers and Dolls

Today my girls asked me what Barbie’s looked like when I was little.  I did some looking for my most favorite Barbie and found her:pretty-peach-barbie1

I loved her because of her fabulous dress that could transform into three gorgeous styles by simply repositioning the layered skirt.  I so wanted to wear one just like it to church.  Imagine how great I would have looked!

My second favorite was the Diva doll from Barbie and the Rockers:

diva-dollShe had an ultra cool outfit complete with hyper green spandex pants, which were a bitch to get on once you took them off.  My sisters had the other two dolls, Barbie and Dana.

barbie rocker-dana

I even managed to find the original commercial that totally took me back in time:

I really miss the thirty second commercials!

That gives you an idea of what my favorite toys were.  My kids were laughing at the clothes, and I thought, “Hey, I had some pants like that and I was cool as hell!”  Oh well, I guess that’s what happens.  😀  I never quite liked Ken in the rockers.  He had a crazy half mullet that I hated.  I much preferred his cute friend Derek that looked like Rick Astley.

drkenandderek rick1


I used to try and get G.I Joe and Barbie to hook up, but it never worked out due to the enormous size difference.  Thank God Jem came along!  She was truly outrageous.


~ by blanketgirl on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Soldiers and Dolls”

  1. Oh god, I’m having musical flashbacks now …

    “we are the misfits, our songs are better!”

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