Hazy Lazy

Another day of lying down.  I am paying physically for setting up the waterbed.  I thought if I did it quick I wouldn’t hurt as much.  I learned that my body doesn’t care about the speed, it’s the movement period.  Oh well.  It’s interesting to listen to that many joints pop and crack.  I sound like I’m 90!  Thank goodness I don’t have any stairs!  The pain meds make me a little drowsy and funny, so I have felt a little off today.

I cuddled with my doggy again.  My friend who runs the rescue called and asked that I send her an updated photo of my adopted baby.  Here she is:


She is the cutest little dog!  I swear her tongue is three feet long and on some sort of reel system in her jaw.  I love her so much!  It’s hard to get a descent photo because she’s intimidated by the camera string.  I try to remember to hold it, but sometimes I forget and it swings out towards her.  Then she gets scared and hides.  Silly doggy!  Strings are not scary!  Her ears are my other favorite part of her.  She looks like a bat:


I’m liking being able to add photos.  I spent some time renaming files and organizing my albums and now I can actually find the pictures I want to post.  Awesome.

I talked with my good friend, “M” we’ll call her (until I can think of something better).  She’s been a part of my life for almost 14 years.  It’s wild to think how much we’ve been through together.  I love her to pieces.  She’s always so encouraging.  We always email each other, but we decided last month to call each other every third Thursday.  I do so much better on a schedule!  I feel so lucky to have my sis and Weasel to talk to every Tuesday.  Now I get M to talk to on Thursdays.

Today M and I discussed organic gardening.  We’ve been flirting with the idea of giving up city life and living farm/commune style.  We just wouldn’t erect any brick walls so as not to cause suspicion about the goings on.  She’s growing her own fruit trees and has even started grafting!  I’m very impressed.  Maybe someday.

Tomorrow I’ll start gathering all the documents I need to file my taxes.  Wish me luck; if I feel crappy it probably won’t happen until the weekend.  As long as I have the damn thing filed by March 6th I’ll be happy.


~ by blanketgirl on February 26, 2009.

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