Bring Your Dog

Today I spent time lying on the couch with my min pin.  She is so sweet and lovable.  We cuddled and watched “The Sopranos”.  I love that she has relaxed and will lay with me and not lick me incessantly.  It’s much more pleasant to be with her.  I’ve decided that I will collar her next week.  The week after that I’ll put her on the leash and let her drag it with her to get used to the feeling.  The week after that I’ll try walking her in the backyard.  The week after that I’ll try going for walks with her back and forth in front of my house.  I would like her to be comfortable outside.  I hope a week will be enough, but I may have to adjust that plan.

My big dog has been very naughty lately.  He figured out how to open the lid of our trash bin in the kitchen.  I have come home to garbage all over the floor twice now.  What a stinker!  I have to try and think of something to encourage him to stay out.  In the meantime he has to stay outside when I’m not home.  He’s so innocent looking!  You wouldn’t think he could be such a Terror McTerrorpants.


I talked with my sister yesterday and she has her paperwork in order to get a dog that is trained to assist the deaf.  Yay!  Dogs are wonderful companions.

I had a flare today that has been brutal.  I talked to the doctor and they are increasing my medications installed in my bladder to help the pain.  That’s a relief. I had a nap in the afternoon and I think that helped a bit.

I slept well on my new bed last night.  I only woke up twice instead of 4-5 times and was able to fall back to sleep faster.  It’s so fabulous!  Here’s a picture.


About the problems with husband:  I told him today that I will give us a month to try and fix the communication problems.  I will not be verbally abused any longer.  I feel so sad that he has to be so mean.  I really hope he can change his habits.  I am attractive and smart and I don’t need him driving me down.  I have enough problems!

That’s about all that happened today.  I had hoped today would be better and it was.  The pain is always there, so it’s nice to have things be generally uncomplicated in other areas to help reduce my stress.  Being stressed and in pain sucks.


~ by blanketgirl on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Bring Your Dog”


    So much good news!!

    Your bed is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m sooo jealous and I’m so happy that you’ve got a nice bed that HELPS!

    Terror McTerrorpants is an awesome name. Adding ‘pants’ makes anything better.

    Good news re: husband. I hope things work out, I want nothing but happiness for both of you.

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