Happy Workers

Hi.  Good news!  My husband has a job!  He’s working for a local music shop.  I’m so happy for him.  It’s not at the same pay he was making before, but it’s something he loves.  He’s been a musician for several years.  This is definitely something he’ll enjoy.  I’d rather he make a fraction of the money he used to make as long as he’s happy.  This is so awesome.  He was supposed to be hired on for only 20 hours a week, but the employer is still trying to find another part time employee, so for now my husband gets the 40 hours a week.  I’m so relieved he’s working!

More good news.  I went to the pain doctor today and he upped my meds.  I am going to have more treatments to try to manage the pain after I have insurance again.  I had had a terrible situation where I had called the after hours doctor on call on the weekend, because I was having horrible pain and couldn’t go to the hospital because of the lack of insurance coverage.  I was treated dreadfully and the doctor apologized for the behavior of his colleage.  It didn’t fix the situation but at least it was acknowledged.  I had asked to have a second prescription written so I would have meds for a month long trip.  I was denied, but I was given a separate way to contact the doctor directly so I wouldn’t have to deal with the front office staff and would be able to get the refill the day before I would be scheduled to leave.

Now that my hubby is working again  I have a lot less to worry about.  Every penny he’s earning is that much money we’re not pulling from our savings.  Hopefully things will steady out between us now as well because we won’t be spending every waking minute around each other.  Too much togetherness is nice for about two weeks. 🙂


~ by blanketgirl on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Happy Workers”

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! YAY!!!!

    Congratulations to Husband!!!

    I’m so very happy to hear some good news.

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