Waiting on Sunday to Drown

Hi.  Ah Sunday.  Today has been alright.

Last night I was up a bit late adjusting to some new medications my doc has started me on.  Side effects being nausea and sleeplessness.  I’ve been promised that these unpleasantries will stop in about a week.  If not, we’ll toss this round and try something new.  I have to laugh thinking that these drug makers must be sadists.  Not only are the meds very expensive, but one of makes my hair fall out, the other makes me fat, and the third one makes me nauseous and overly alert.  Cruel but funny.

Anyway, this morning I thought I’d attempt church.  I woke up thinking, sure, yes; I can do this.  About forty minutes into being awake the nausea started up.  I finally ended up losing that fight a few minutes before I was supposed to leave.  Perfect, I thought, now I can go to church with a spring in my step.

Well, I arrived there and made it through an hour and had to leave.  Although I give myself personal kudos for showing up.

While I was in the process of going to the parking lot, I stopped to have a chat with a friend of mine.  She has three small children.  Her middle daughter, age 4, came and listened to our conversation.  During our exchange she just stared up at me admiringly with a shit eating grin on her face.  Finally her mom turns and says, “What are you smiling at?”  Little one replies – pointing a pudgy finger at me – “Is that lady with the red hair and black shirt Ariel?” (The Little Mermaid, Disney).  I loved it.  Best compliment I’ve had in a bit.  Although I think it’d be hard to confuse Ariel and I; the former being an illustration and 90 lbs. the latter being ‘real’ and not 90 lbs. 🙂

The rest of my day today is to be spent lying down avoiding nausea and watching movies.  I’ve discovered this service called Redbox that lets me borrow DVD’s for $1.  I love it.  Not only is it fun to see some of the newer releases, but it’s a challenge to get the movies back in 24 hours.  It pretty much guarantees I see the films I rent.

I finished watching “Burn After Reading”.  To quote my husband, “It was very Coen-esque.”  We enjoyed it.  The ending kicker tickled me.  In case you haven’t seen it yet I won’t blow it, but I’ll hint that it has to do with Linda’s surgeries.

The other movie was a D horror film called “Mortuary”.  It’s about a mom who assumes the position of the funeral director of a small town.  It has a few hilarious characters.  My favorite being the overly concise police officer that warns that only the director and he can help prevent cemetery babies.  You know, the babies that come into being because a young teen brings his girl to the graveyard to scare her and uses the opportunity of comforting to be intimate.  Awesome.  I recommend it if you need a laugh.

Whew!  I actually got a second consecutive post in.  Go team me! 😛


~ by blanketgirl on February 15, 2009.

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