Happy Phantom

Hi.  I have been missing for awhile.  Long enough that the background I chose for my page stopped working.  Wow.

January 1st was the time for new year’s resolutions, and mine were 1. Try to stop shouting.  2.  Write in blog every day.

I thought about it everyday, but just couldn’t muster up anything creative to write about.  Well, the pressure proved to be too much and the days started to pass me by.  Each day I’d think, “Well, I’ll just start writing next Monday, or next Thursday, or  February 1st…”  It just never seemed to happen.  I find myself over analyzing, over editing.  Not anymore.  To hell with my weird personal standards, I’m just going to write.

So!  To catch up, 2008 ended in a whirlwind.  For example:

My sister and her wife came to visit.  It was fantastic.  They were here with me for three weeks in November and I loved it.  I’m sad I’m not around them anymore.  We still get our weekly phone calls, but it’ s just not the same as hugging them and sitting with them and laughing with them.  They are just so similar to me that we mesh perfectly.  Like french lace on fire.  I just received my passport in the mail, so hopefully I’ll be able to see them again soon.

Christmas was lovely.  My kids got everything they wanted and more.  Lucky ducks.

My husband was laid off from his job of seven years.  That sucked.  He received a fairly decent severance package, but steady work would be better.  We’re getting used to being together so much.  It’s weird.  We will overcome the slump and find him working in something he likes much better.  This is the perfect chance for him to start over and do something he really loves.

I’m still coping with my illnesses.  I have started liking my support groups.  Sharing crippling disorders with others gives me a great set of crutches.

Lastly I colored my hair a bright, vibrant red.  It’s something I love.  I’ve always been a blonde, so this stepped outside of what I’m used to.  Just what I need to cheer me up.  If you could see it you’d love it.  It makes my blue eyes shine like jewels and helps my pale skin look healthy.  Not only do I love the color on me, but the name is awesome – Paint the Town.  I know it’s a subliminal hint to go and have some fucking fun.  I need to relax and enjoy myself.

So today is Valentine’s Day.  I always thought this holiday overrated.  However, my husband and I do have “our song”, “Summertime Rolls”.  It reminds me of 13 years ago when we met and would sing together while he played this on his guitar.  Sweet.

I wish all the lover’s out there a great day full of chocolates and kisses.


~ by blanketgirl on February 14, 2009.

One Response to “Happy Phantom”

  1. I love your header, I’m so pleased to see your art again.

    Also, I’m really glad you’re back.

    Love you.

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