The Policy of Truth

I had to laugh today because I have been struggling to get my pain management under control.  Granted, this isn’t a funny topic and can be a very daunting task for any patient and physician team to smooth out.  However I stand on the ground that if you aren’t honest about symptoms, sensations, your physical history, and things you ingest the physician/patient team loses the game.

I had a support group meeting and met up with a woman who is very friendly and well meaning.  Yet I was surprised at the omissions of my physical history I was encouraged to “forget about/never should have ever mentioned”.

It’s been a life-long belief of mine that if you told the truth always, and were strong in yourself things would work out for you.  Those damn Care Bears have me all twisted.

I was told to lie, lie, and lie some more if I wanted pain meds.  I was shocked.  This person has their phone ringer set to Christian Rock.  After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I asked her, “Aren’t you a Christian, and therefore against deceit?” the phone line went quiet.  Her eventual answer?  “Yes, I struggle with the fact that I had to tell little lies everyday.”

This is too much.  Really.  So, to recap for my tiny mind, the little lies are okay; bad big ones aren’t.  We should all tell the truth; but don’t tell too much of the truth or suffer the consequences.  I can’t quite decide which option society deems appropriate.

I could drag this into larger scale, government, money matters, etc. but it would be bigger than my humble little brain.

Another direct quote from friendly Christian woman, “They make us lie to get the care because drug laws are so strict.”

Now, I venture to suggest that said laws are this strict due to good Christians.  What a fucked up world.

I hope this post seems as funny as I think it is, or maybe that’s the, um, drugs I’m on or, not on.  Hah!


~ by blanketgirl on October 10, 2008.

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