Close To Me

So things are going well today.  I sat down to read a few of the past posts, and realized I seem like a total downer.  I guess that’s how life happens sometimes.  Well, I got a bit of a break today; one of my doctors recommended a new treatment, and guess what…It worked!

I am so happy.  The effects lasted for almost a full three hours.  I go back next week for more of the same.  It was crazy!  I loved it!  If the next six treatments go just as well, they’ll let me perform the treatment at home.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I freakin’ deserve this!

More good news.  My kids go back to school on the 11th, this Monday.  I can’t believe how excited I am.  I love my kids, but being trapped in about 400 sq. ft. for three months is just crappy.  They need the time away from me and vice versa.  Things are looking up.

I quit my job at the local church I was attending, because the hypocrisy was too much to bear.  I’m not saying I’m a perfectionist, although I try to be on a moral stance, and I’m surprised at how immoral people can be; hiding behind their masks of moral perfection by showing up every week.  I’d rather not show and have God or the Divine or Whomever-Is-In-Charge know that I am true.

I have new recipes from my sister, who has turned me on to vegan cooking.  There are so many more options now.  I never knew how absolutely delicious an eggplant could be.  Oh, and I can’t forget yellow squash.  Both are my favorites as of late, as they don’t cause me any discomfort.

I recently decided it best to tell those close to me how truly mad I am at my situation.  It proved to be very therapeutic.  I hadn’t realized how close I was to just leaving everything and giving up.  Not anymore.  I can do this.  I’m ready.  I was surprised at the reactions I got.  Much support and love, very little judgment, which is not what I expected.  I hope things continue this way.

I think by the time the kids head back to school I should be ready to start writing again.  For awhile there I had misplaced my words.  It was like being in a foreign country and trying to write a newspaper article.  No matter how I tried the translation was just not right.

Now I’m ready to go on again.  I think I can finish the book before my sister and sister-in-law arrive in November.  I hope so, because I’d love to share the finished product with them.

I have more appointments scheduled, but much less stress now that I don’t have to worry about babysitters.  Wish me luck.


~ by blanketgirl on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Close To Me”

  1. This is a pleasure to read.

    I’m so pleased to hear that you’re feeling better in yourself – not just physically.

  2. That was me! Sorry I was working on Ellie’s wedding page and didn’t realise I was still logged in.

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