Heat Stroke

So much has gone on lately it’s hard to know where to start and stop.  We had a new air conditioning unit installed that the cost of almost knocked me over.  I just got my family and I totally out of debt (minus the mortgage) a year ago, now I’m back paying on a loan.  Son of a bitch.  Oh well.  I do enjoy the quiet new unit and the new thermostat.  I can hardly tell when the air conditioning is turned on now.  Before when the old unit would start up, it would sound like a small airplane landing on my house.  Now it’s about the same volume as our refrigerator. 

I’m trying to find useful things to do with myself that are distracting.  I happily found a course through my library that teaches German.  I loved it only to find that the service expires today, and there is a subscription fee, so that’s one hobby short lived.  I did get pretty good though, I must admit.  I love the language, it’s easier for me to understand than Spanish.  I’m hoping I’ll find the service again elsewhere.  Wish me luck!

For the 4th of July my family and I have been invited to go to a pool party, sans fireworks as they are illegal in my part of Arizona.  I was bummed that the kids wouldn’t have that experience, so I took them to an event at the park on Saturday night that included a great fireworks show.  They loved it!  Now all the bases have been covered.

I’ve been reading a book about a woman who settled in the Arizona territories in the late 1800’s, and it makes it easier to handle the heat.  Can you imagine?  No A/C, no electric fans, nothing.  And horses.  The smell would have been overwhelming.

My little rescue doggie is scheduled to get spayed tomorrow.  I hope all goes well so I can adopt her officially.  The best thing would be if she were too old to be spayed; it would save her the recovery pain.

Since my words are hard found today, I’ll stop now.  I’m hoping to get back in the habit of writing every couple of days.  It’ll get easier for me again I’m sure.


~ by blanketgirl on June 30, 2008.

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