I’m Alive!

Whew!  I’m here!  I’m alive!  All that drama and there’s nothing to worry about.  So typical of me I suppose.  I can be a little emotional sometimes…

My doc said the procedure went perfectly.  I’ve just had my six week post-op visit.  Everything is fine and I’ve been released to my normal activities.  It’s wonderful!

I’ve been referred to a chronic pain center where they’ll analyze what’s happening with the Interstitial Cystitis and let me know what I can do.  I’m following a very strict diet, which is giving me some relief from the symptoms.  I’m being positive about it.  So what if it’s chronic; I think it can get better.  If it doesn’t, oh well, it’s not as though I didn’t try everything.  Oh!  I also found a local support group for this, so that should help as well.

My kids are doing much better now that I’m back to normal, doing the normal Mommy things like cooking and cleaning and such.  I think their world bottomed out a bit when I was down for so long.  They’re super resilient.  They’ll be fine.

One sad thing has happened.  We had to put our eldest doggie, Ocean, to sleep on April 3rd.  She was 17- 1/2 years old.  She was such an amazingly good friend.  I miss her very much.  My hubby found Ocean at a farm when he was 18 years old.  She’s been a part of our lives ever since.  It feels a little empty in the house without her.

ocean dear


~ by blanketgirl on April 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m Alive!”

  1. If your WordPress is the same as mine – in the window where your type your main post you’ll see ‘Add Media’ and four icons, the first one is the one you click to add images.

    Glad you’re back here again!

  2. Thank you Ezekiel!

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