I hear My Voice

I had two of the most unsettling personal epiphones I have ever had. 

1.  The world will gobble me up in my own consuming compassion.

2.  I can’t control anything.

Anyone else nervous?  I say that rhetorically.  Or non-rhetorically if you choose to repspond (which I love).  I am such a basket holding together loose twines of briny fiber.  The mushy ugly in my life fills gaps.

All or nothing.  Not real; or too real.  It’s always black or white with me.

Reality; to those that recognise my playful attitude as a hindrance are ignorant of what it means to enjoy life.  Do they think this comes easy?  Every day I fight the group conform standards as I jaunt across the classrooms of life ending in my own world of happy.

I am a good driver.  Hah!

I work harder to be someone who can manage the masses in a fashion where they won’t behead me. 

I miss easy.  I miss ‘that’s okay, just erase it’.  Did that ever exist?  I love rocking my non-dance-embarrassing-jiration-action in front of easily enticed townsfolk.

I never was one for pretense.  Neither were they.

There is no crystal palace – and if there is, I definately won’t get past the front door.


~ by blanketgirl on February 15, 2008.

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