Pretty Daisies

Well, we finished the first part of the trial today.  The prosecutor finalized his case.  We’ll hear from the defense tomorrow. 

This case has been very graphic.  I’m learning that I have a capacity to detach objectively.  At first I thought I was missing proper empathy, then I realized it’s actually neat that I can do that.  The clinical side of my brain kicks in.  I don’t feel anything for the people involved in this case.  Have I found my impartial place?  I think so.  There’s always pretty daisies mixed in with the dirt and rabble.

I detach so well, that I found the medical examiner’s testimony mesmerizing.  I could do that for a living.  Seriously.  I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field, but I was scared I would hurt someone like the way I’ve been hurt; but if they’re already dead….

I’ve decided to look into what college courses I would have to complete in order to qualify for that sort of position.  So interesting.  The facts in the case were fascinating; not to mention the way the conclusions were made.  So, so interesting.

My brain moves a mile a minute, so we’ll see if this career selection pans out. 

I’ll keep looking for those daisies.


~ by blanketgirl on January 30, 2008.

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