Funny Teetering

Today, since is my Sunday ‘off’ from services, I sat lazing on my couch with my children between laundry loads.  It rained most of the day, making it full of white noise and dimness.  At about 3 I began to teeter on the edge of a nap.

I was lying down on my side with my min pin, Happy, cradled in my left arm.  Windly was resting in the nook of my gathered knees, her head leaning on my hip.

I felt that falling asleep drifting; sounds getting more distant, tiredness truly settling in.  Then…

Whammo!  Nap jerk from hell.  For some bizarre reason my brain decided I was falling off the couch and it was mounted on the top of a very tall cliff.  I was quickly headed toward being a grease spot on the bottom of some deserted, cold valley.

My subconsciousness flew to my aid sending my arm flying wildly into Windly’s face; she answered with a startled, “WHY?!”

My other arm and both legs came crunching together effectively scaring the living shit out of a very asleep Happy.  She sprang into the air with cat-like dexterity. 

All I could do was sit up and apologize, explaining the dangers of mid-afternoon teetering.

That nap was over. 😛


~ by blanketgirl on January 27, 2008.

One Response to “Funny Teetering”

  1. Ha this made me laugh!

    My brain is always doing things like that to me. Two highlights:

    – when suffering from insomnia I’d start to drift off and I’d get a huge surge of ‘happy’ that I was going to get some sleep and it’d wake me up

    – when my nose is blocked and I breath through my mouth, I sometimes clench my jaw, the only reason I know this is because I bite my tongue. I wake up and have no idea why my tongue is throbbing

    Some naps are greater than others…

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