I thought I should explain a bit of the references happening in my blog.  My name is Blanketgirl.  This is from the song ‘Bells for Her’ by Tori Amos. 

I am a huge ‘Tori’ fan.  I really love her work.  I would be hard pressed to find something to listen to if it weren’t for she and Depeche Mode.  It’s been that way for 16 years plus.

The song, to me, refers to a relationship that has changed.  Not a negative or positive change, just a change that ‘is’.  I feel that very closely right now.  I have a dear sister who is ill.  I would love to ‘PowerTwinsUnite’ into a blanket that could enclose her and protect her.  Keep her safe and warm until the rescue crew can attend.  I can’t stop what’s coming, but I can love her and support her through it.

I know that I have blankets in the form of friends that show their true colors in the most desperate of times, bringing me through whatever trial I assume.  I have watched those blankets enclose and warm me when I least expect it. 

I hope to always, always, be a blanket to those around me; that way when my threads are worn and bare I’ll be warmed by them.

That’s where the name derives from.  🙂


~ by blanketgirl on January 25, 2008.

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  1. Well said.

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