First Post Ever

Hi there.  This is definitely going to take some getting used to.  I love to write, but about made up people that don’t exist.  I’ve been told that blogging is the best thing that ever happens to some folks that are more private because you get to share all sorts of thoughts free of judgement.  My plan is to use this as a venting mechanism…sort of.

As time progresses, we’ll travel on a journey together.  Imagine climbing with me through the rocky mountains of Mommy Issues.  Then we’ll descend into the Valley of Self Doubt only to grab a lifeboat and fight the swift current of health problems.  Or maybe we’ll wait a little longer and catch the next flight after we finish watching ‘Medium’. 

One thing to know about me is I am a chicken farmer.  Meaning that my ADD distraction is like a chicken, quick and unpredictable.  My favorite saying a friend offered to describe how quickly I move from one thing to the next is, “Look there goes a chicken!”

Those chickens are always stealing my focus.  That being said, new topic!

I was talking with my husband about a restaurant called “The Pink Taco”.  I decided I could compete with that by opening “The Ruby Rocket”.  Specializing in wiener sales.  Guaranteed to tickle your tonsils and tease your uvula.  Beef Steak and Cheese oozing creamy satisfaction.  I can definitely out innuendo them.

Damn chickens!


~ by blanketgirl on January 17, 2008.

One Response to “First Post Ever”

  1. Excited to start this journey!!

    I’d buy you a cocktail at The Ruby Rocket… xoxo

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